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Tuesday, 19 September,  13:30 - 15:00

Panel Discussion

Session BO.13:
Unlocking the PV Potential

Making PV the largest source of electricity in the next decades requires multidisciplinary efforts. In addition to the scientific research, technical innovations, industry development and massive capacity deployment, a consent and engagement of societal stakeholders in all levels and enormous financial resources are needed.

The session is designed in two 45 minutes sections bearing in mind these above-mentioned levels to best understand which are the challenges and to propose solutions by top experts in the field.

The first part will tackle aspects like: How can the PV sector best lobby, communicate and convince the society as well as boosting the visibility of PV. The importance of Finance and banking on PV and the impact in the society plus the ethics needed in the finance system. The differences among countries on the perception, acceptance and understanding of PV and how the PV community can best communicate their research findings to the society.

The second part will focus on discussing the PV impacts on the society, awareness, and social acceptance as well as the roles of citizens in the energy transition, their engagement and the ultimate target of the democratization of the energy system. The phenomenon of Energy Poverty will be explained and innovative and alternative financing schemes like crowdfunding or energy cooperatives will be reviewed.


Gerhard Mütter, Austria

The session will be divided into two 45 minutes panel discussions.


First part:

  • Michael Schmela, SPE, Belgium
  • Jose Donoso, UNEF, Spain
  • Daniel Mugnier, IEA PVPS, France
  • Karim Megherbi, Orisun Invest, UAE

Second part:

  • Marco Pittalis, JRC, Italy
  • Silvia Caneva, WIP, Germany
  • Ana Belén Cristobal, UPM, Spain
  • Philippe Malbranche, France
  • Nuno Brito Jorge, GoParity, Portugal
Organised by:

WIP Renewable Energies
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81369 Munich
Technical Programme
coordinated by:

European Commission -
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