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What is the EU PVSEC?


The innovation platform for the global PV solar sector

The EU PVSEC is the world's leading forum for PV Research and Development and the biggest Conference on PV Solar Energy. Celebrating more than 40 years of history, EU PVSEC is the longest running, renowned PV conference in the World and the annual meeting point for PV experts from research, development, and the industry.

With around 1,200 scientific presentations, including oral and poster talks and expert workshops as well as special industry forums every year, it is known as the most important platform for exchange between science and industry.

While setting the focus on PV research, technologies and applications, the EU PVSEC also emphasises that a holistic approach is needed for a comprehensive and successful future of Photovoltaics. Therefore, the event integrates all aspects and forms an interface between sectors and perspectives - scientific, technical, economic, political, business and also social and educational.

Each year, the EU PVSEC welcomes more than 1,500 attendees and serves as a meeting place for PV experts from well over 60 countries who seek insights beyond their own field, exchange knowledge and benefit from valuable networking opportunities during the event.

Solar power has a key role to play in the energy transition and the EU PVSEC is THE place to discuss the photovoltaic (r)evolution.

  • Scientific Conference

    The international Scientific Conference Programme is structured in plenary, oral and visual presentations and covers the entire range of PV research, technologies and applications focusing on bringing the latest scientific and technological research trends to the market.

    It also offers a variety of broader insights into the current developments in the sector, and is divided into 5 main topics, ensuring that all interconnected PV aspects are tackled from all perspectives and for all areas of knowledge.

    The broad scope and high quality of the conference programme is ensured in every edition by the EU PVSEC Scientific Committee comprising more than 290 international photovoltaic experts.

    The EU PVSEC Conference program is coordinated by the European Commission Joint Research Centre.

  • Exhibition

    While solar is already the most versatile and often lowest cost power generation source in many places today, the EU PVSEC aims to strengthen the importance and potential of solar among global researchers, policymakers and industry players worldwide. The Exhibition, which has long been anchored to this event, reflects this ambition.

    It serves not only to connect industries from different sectors of the PV value chain, but also fosters key-partnerships between major research centres and manufacturing companies, bringing brand-new research findings to the right market players for implementation. The new wave of support for production and deployment of PV is reflected in the growing interest of companies inside and outside of Europe to introduce their products and technological developments at the EU PVSEC Exhibition.

  • Industry Summit

    The Industry Summit complements the Conference and puts together a track of sessions relevant for the industry. It includes sessions where industry players can present their businesses as well as panels and roundtable discussions to share and discuss new developments in the industrial sector with fellow experts. Most sessions take place within the Exhibition area, but some Parallel Events or Conference sessions relevant for the industry are also indicated as part of the Industry Summit. Participants with valid Conference tickets have access to the whole programme, while those with Exhibition visitor tickets can access the activities within the Exhibition area.

  • Parallel Events

    The Parallel Events address an audience of global decision makers from research, finance and politics. The events cover a distinct selection of the most recent PV technology, PV application and market trends. The different types of Parallel Events include presentations, workshops, panel discussions and breakout sessions, bringing more lively aspects to the comprehensive EU PVSEC programme and giving the participant the chance to delve even deeper into a specific topic.

A global get together since...


Year, Site, Chairperson:
2023 Lisbon
João Serra
Universidade de Lisboa
2022 Milano
Alessandra Scognamiglio

hosting the 8th World Conference on Photovoltaic Energy Conversion (WCPEC-8), jointly with the 51st US IEEE Photovoltaic Specialists Conference and the 32nd Asia / Pacific PV Science and Engineering Conference

2021 online
João Serra
Universidade de Lisboa
2020 online
Nicola Pearsall
Northumbria University
2018 Brussels
Pierre Verlinden
Amrock Pty Ltd
2017 Amsterdam
Arno H.M. Smets
Delft University of Technology
2016 Munich
Marko Topič
University of Ljubljana
2015 Hamburg
Stefan Rinck
Singulus Technologies
2014 Amsterdam
Teun Bokhoven
Dutch Renewable Energy Federation
2013 Paris
Arnaud Mine
SOLER, France
2012 Frankfurt
Stefan Novak
IEA PVPS, Switzerland
2011 Hamburg
Heinz Ossenbrink
European Commission JRC
2010 Valencia
Giovanni de Santi
European Commission, Institute for Energy and Transport

hosting the 5th World Conference on Photovoltaic Energy Conversion (WCPEC-5), jointly with the 36th US IEEE Photovoltaic Specialists Conference and the 20th Asia / Pacific PV Science and Engineering Conference

2009 Hamburg
Wim Sinke
ECN Energy Research Centre
2008 Valencia
Daniel Lincot
2007 Milan
Gerhard Willeke
Fraunhofer Institute
2006 Dresden
Jef Poortmans
2005 Barcelona
Heinz Ossenbrink
European Commission JRC
2004 Paris
Winfried Hoffman
2001 Munich
Bernard Mc Nelis
IT Power
2000 Glasgow
Hermann Scheer
1998 Vienna
Juergen Schmid
Fraunhofer Institute IWES

hosting the 2nd World Conference on Photovoltaic Energy Conversion (WCPEC-2), jointly with the 27th US IEEE Photovoltaic Specialists Conference and the 10th Asia / Pacific PV Science and Engineering Conference

1995 Nice
Werner Freiesleben
Wacker-Chemitronic GmbH
1994 Amsterdam
Robert Hill
Newcastle Polytechnic
1992 Montreux
Leopoldo Guimaraes
University Nova Lisboa
1991 Lisbon
Antonio Luque
Universidad Politecnica Madrid
1989 Frieburg
Gerry Wrixon
University College Cork
1988 Florence
Ionel Solomon
Ecole Polytechnique
1986 Sevilla
Adolf Goetzerberger
Fraunhofer Institute
1985 London
Fred Treble
1983 Athens
Fabio Fittipaldi
1982 Stresa
Werner H. Bloss
University Of Stuttgart
1980 Cannes
Wolfgang Palz
European Commission DG XII
1979 Berlin
Roger van Overstraeten
1977 Luxembourg
Albert Strub
European Commission DG XII
Organised by:

WIP Renewable Energies
Sylvensteinstr. 2
81369 Munich
Technical Programme
coordinated by:

European Commission -
Joint Research Centre

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