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Exhibitors' Manual

This manual provides essential information as well as useful hints for exhibitions. We encourage you to use this manual not only for the preparation of your exhibition display, but also as a source of reference and information.


  • December 2023

    Sponsorship packages and Exhibition surface available for booking

  • After booking

    Exhibition contact person updates company profile

  • After booking

    Sponsors announced online

  • 31 January 2024

    Early bird deadline 10% discount on exhibition surface

  • Mid of February

    Exhibitor’s list announced online

  • Mid of February

    Begin of the booth’s assignment according to booking order

  • End of February

    Layout exhibition available online

  • 15 March 2024

    Online shop available for stand building and exhibition services orders

  • 31 March 2024

    Early bird deadline 5% discount on exhibition surface

  • From April 2024 on

    Indication of speakers for Company Presentations and Round Table discussions

  • End of April / May 2024

    Conference tickets available online/vouchers codes can be redeemed

  • June 2024

    Manual for Exhibitors available online

  • June 2024

    Webinar for exhibition contact persons – possibility of solving questions

  • 22 August 2024

    Orders in the exhibition online shop placed from 22 August on will be subjected to a 25% increase

  • August 2024

    Industry Summit Programme finalized/distribution of speaking slots

  • August 2024

    Industry Summit Programme finalized/distribution of speaking slots

  • 22 August 2024

    Deadline for booking sponsoring items from brochure/production of booked items

  • End of August 2024

    Deadline for companies editing company profile information

  • 22 September 2024

    Onsite preparation/begin of assembly for exhibitors


  • 24 - 27 Sept. 2024

    41st EU PVSEC, Vienna, Austria

  • 23 Sept. 2024, 8:30

    Opening of the Exhibition

  • 23 Sept. 2024

    Welcome Reception at the Exhibition

  • 25 Sept. 2024

    Closing of the Exhibition

  • 25 Sept. 2024

    Begin of dismantling from 19:00

  • 25 Sept. 2024

    End of dismantling at 23:00

  • 25 Sept. 2024

    Feedback Survey

Media Kit

Download official logos and banners to promote your stand at the EU PVSEC 2024.

Best practices and recommendations for EU PVSEC Exhibitors

By applying these best practices, exhibitors can actively contribute to the EU PVSEC's sustainability goals, helping to make the event greener and reduce its overall environmental impact.

1. Sustainable Travelling

  • Take advantage of the excellent public transport connection to the venue.
  • Check prices and departure times conveniently on Google Maps.
  • If travelling by car, you can offset your carbon footprint by visiting
  • Bicycles can be parked directly in front of the venue.

2. Waste Avoidance and Separation

  • Minimise the volume of materials to be transported and stored whenever possible.
  • Refrain from mass distribution of printed materials. Provide printed materials only upon request or use electronic information transfer.
  • If using printed material, opt for 100% recycled or chlorine-free bleached (TFC) paper.

3. Accommodation Choices

  • Opt for accommodation in eco-certified establishments. You can find a list here.
  • Choose an accommodation within walking distance of the venue.

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