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TOPIC 4: PV Systems Engineering, Integrated/Applied PV

This topic addresses individual PV plants, where plant size can range from a few modules to multi-MW systems. Consequently, this is the place for contributions on systems design, sizing, modelling, performance, and operations. This topic is about integration of PV, e.g., PV integrated into buildings (BIPV), infrastructure integrated PV (I2PV), vehicle integrated PV (VIPV), nature-inclusive PV (‘eco-PV’), and Agri-PV. Furthermore, contributions on floating PV, concentrating PV and specific technical solutions addressing sustainability at system level should also be submitted here. Advances in power electronics for advanced grid functionality are also covered (note that technical developments of power converters at the system component level are dealt with in topic 3.4). The subtopic on solar resources and forecasting is relevant to individual systems and covers scales ranging from the local to large geographical areas. The employment of batteries in stand-alone systems or for local use may form part of systems reported in this topic, but storage related to the comprehensive energy system is dealt with in subtopic 5.1.

4.1    Solar Resource and Forecasting

Solar resource assessment, measurements and monitoring, meteorological forecasting, now-casting, analysis of ground station and satellite data.

Abstracts which deal with all PV relevant solar radiation science, models and tools are placed here.

4.2    Design, Engineering, and Installation of PV Systems

Planning, plant optimization tools, cost analyses, advanced installation criteria, construction and safety issues.

This is the Topic for the design, engineering, realization, and commissioning of entire PV systems. Work which focuses on how a system Interacts with the grid is dealt with in subtopics 4.6 (Electrical grid interface) and 5.1 (Energy system integration).

4.3    Operation, Performance, and Maintenance of PV Systems

Monitoring, predictive, preventive and corrective maintenance, system failure analysis, system reliability, operational safety.

Papers which describe the operational experience of systems in use are placed here. Of particular interest are maintenance-related cost analyses as well as methods for system modelling and predicting technical lifetimes. Work which focuses on how a system Interacts with the grid is dealt with in subtopics 4.6 (Electrical grid interface) and 5.1 (Energy system integration).

4.4    PV and Buildings

Design, and architectural aspects of BIPV and BAPV; zero energy buildings; PV products for buildings; building, environment, safety and other regulatory aspects.

This subtopic will collect all contributions describing how PV systems are placed on or are integrated into buildings, covering both functional and aesthetic aspects.  All types of buildings are considered - residential, office, commercial, and industrial. Related ancillary equipment is also considered and how the whole system is integrated and performs, e.g., electric and thermal performance, heat pumps, integrated mounting structures, balcony PV, multi-functionality (including testing and regulatory aspects).

4.5    Dual Use and other Innovative PV Applications

Design solutions, implementation and performance of PV in/on infrastructure, on water (floating PV), in dual use with agriculture (Agri-PV) and in nature (‘Eco-PV’); Vehicle integrated PV (VIPV); Concentrator PV (CPV); Thermophotovoltaic energy conversion (TPV).

This subtopic will collect all contributions describing how PV systems are placed on or are integrated into infrastructure (e.g., roads, railways, carparks), but also in nature and the environment which surrounds us.  PV integrated into vehicles (VIPV) is also covered here, as well as indoor applications. New this year, design and measurement of concentrator solar cells, assemblies and CPV modules, and also optical systems, mounting structures and trackers, are included in this subtopic.

4.6    Digital PV, Power Electronics and Electrical Grid Interface

Power electronics for advanced grid functionality, measurement and control; simulation tools and testing methods; communication protocols, data driven methods, data ownership, data spaces, data models; grid management and optimization at high PV penetration.

This subtopic covers recent developments in power electronics, measurement, modelling and control focusing on the interface between a PV plant and the electrical grid. The subtopic addresses relevant developments, including from digitalization and AI, for a reliable, secure and optimized grid operation at high PV penetration. This also covers concepts such as advanced inverter functionality, voltage and frequency regulation, power quality and stability, islanded operation, or micro-grids.  ICT integration including (cyber) security is also included.

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