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TOPIC 3: Photovoltaic Modules and BoS Components

This topic addresses all the components required to form a complete PV-system. The PV module related aspects are divided into three subtopics 3.1-3.3, which broadly deal with manufacturing, reliability, and performance, respectively. The remaining balance of system (BOS) components are collected in subtopic 3.4. Contributions submitted under this topic should relate to research, development, design, measurement, modelling, testing and operational experience. Papers that deal with general aspects of sustainability, such as disposal, recycling and resource issues are dealt with in topic 5 (subtopic 5.2 sustainability of PV), but specific technical solutions addressing sustainability belong here.

3.1    PV Module Design and Manufacturing

PV module design and materials including related aspects of sustainability and circularity, module manufacturing processes, techno-economic analysis.

New module designs and hybrid technologies are also welcome here. For work relating to PV system performance, please refer to Topic 4.

3.2    PV Module Durability and Reliability

Type approval testing, degradation, ageing and lifetime, accelerated testing methods.

This is the place for all work regarding making a PV device fit for prolonged outdoor exposure, including type approval testing, degradation, ageing and lifetime questions.

3.3    PV Module Performance – Modelling, Testing, Standards

Measurement and characterisation methods, field performance, energy yield, energy rating.

This subtopic looks at new and improved measurement and characterisation methods, correlation between laboratory testing and field performance, energy yield, energy rating. It includes modelling and methods for characterisation and calibration, independently of the particular device active material. Work supporting development and validation of standards is also reported here.

3.4    Power Converters and other Balance of System Components

Inverters, micro-inverters, power optimisers, monitoring systems, charge controllers, safety switches, mounting structures, trackers, cabling; measurements and testing of performance and reliability.

This subtopic addresses these components mainly on the device level. The performance and reliability part includes operational performance, testing standards and measurement protocols. Electronic components, sensors and simulation tools that deal more generally with the grid interface, new services and functionalities, optimization, etc., are dealt with in subtopic 4.6.

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