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European Becquerel Prize for Outstanding Merits in Photovoltaics

The European Becquerel Prize for Outstanding Merits in Photovoltaics is being awarded on the occasion of the EU PVSEC Conference. This prize was established by the European Commission in 1989 to mark the 150th anniversary of Alexandre-Edmond Becquerel’s discovery of the photovoltaic effect in 1839, which laid the foundation of both, photovoltaics and photography.

Nominations for 2024 are open!
Check out at Becquerel Prize for Outstanding Merits in Photovoltaics:


Prof. Christophe Ballif

Chairman Becquerel Prize Committee

It’s time to nominate new candidates for the Becquerel Prize 2024

2023 has seen more new solar installations than ever before, and hopefully 2024 will see a further growth of 30 to 40%, reaching hopefully 550 to 600 GW. But now, more than ever, the scientific community needs to fight against various movements and lobbies, who continue to deny the human origin of fast climate change, or those who continue to question the benefits of switching to renewables without proposing any realistic alternative decarbonization scenarios, or those who erroneously believe that changing habits of individuals and reducing consumption in the world is much easier than developing a fully electrified and clean society. In this context, recognizing individuals who contribute to developing, pushing, making solar energy happen everywhere is particularly important. We remind that the prize is not restricted to achievements in science and technology; it is also open to achievements in policy, education, social sciences, etc.
Therefore, do not hesitate to nominate your candidate before the deadline of 13 May 2024. All information can be found on

On a somber note, we recently lost our esteemed colleague Peter Helm, a tireless promoter of photovoltaics and various form of renewable energy. (More details can be found at Home). Peter had been the director of the EU PVSEC conference for more than 30 years and was consequently a member of the Becquerel Prize committee. As a member of the committee, he could not receive the Becquerel award. Today, we would like to award, in thoughts, Peter a special Becquerel Prize, which he would have deserved so much.

On behalf of the Becquerel Prize Committee

Prof. Christophe Ballif

Becquerel Price

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Find all former winners and more details on the history of the prize here:

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