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Tuesday 19 September 2023 | 17:00 - 18:30

Will Grid Constraints Impact Market Deployment of PV around the World?

- IEA PVPS Task 1 -

As PV develops at an unprecedented pace around the world, led by ambitious climate targets on one hand and real cost competitiveness on the other, increasingly the  cost of PV modules is no longer the limiting factor in deployment, but other factors such as inadequate grid infrastructure, uncertain and/or high grid connection costs, high recurring grid access fees and planned and unplanned curtailment are affecting the economic feasibility of PV systems around the world, both across residential and utility scale segments. In this session we will take a comparative look at how current and future grid constraints and the associated costs may impact the roll out of PV in markets around the world, impacting national and international development scenarios and consumer uptake.

Detailed Programme


  • Gaetan MASSON
    Gaëtan Masson is the Operating Agent of the Task 1 of the PV programme of the International Energy Agency (IEA PVPS) since 2013. An entrepreneur with a passion for solar PV and the energy transition, he founded the Becquerel Institute in 2014. After a decade in finance and IT, he committed to the climate and developed Business Intelligence for SolarPower Europe (formerly EPIA). He led the PV Industry Working Group of the European PV Technology and Innovation Platform (ETIP-PV) of which he was co-chair from 2014 to 2019, and resulted in the creation of the European Solar Manufacturing Council, of which he is co-chair since its foundation in 2019. He is administrator of the CARBON project in France. He participates on the scientific committee of the EU-PVSEC and WCPEC conferences. In Belgium, he is an administrator of EDORA, the French-speaking association of renewable energy professionals. In 2020 he received the Daejoo Award for his contribution to the development of photovoltaics.


  • 1st speaker: José DONOSO - Grid integration barriers and levers in Spain
    Representing Spain in Task 1 of the PV programme of the International Energy Agency (IEA PVPS), José Donoso has been working in the Renewable Sector for more than 30 years, starting at the Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving (IDAE) and then later joining Gamesa, the Spanish wind energy company, as Development Director. During this period he was President of the Spanish Wind Energy Association (AEE). Since 2012 he is the General Director of UNEF (Spanish Photovoltaic Energy Association) and president of the Spanish Photovoltaic Technology Platform (Fotoplat) and member of the Advisory Board of the Electricity Market Organization (OMEL), and a past chairman of the Global Solar Council. He is professor in the post graduate course in Wind Energy of the University Polytechnic of Madrid and in the Master Course of the Industrial Organization School.
  • 2nd speaker Linda KOCHIER - Grid constraints and strategies to address them in Australia
    Representing Australia in Task 1 of the PV programme of the International Energy Agency (IEA PVPS), Linda Kochier has over 20 years in the energy industry, with roles including managing corporate partnership for Energy Lab, and then Origin Energy, utility sales business development for Trina Solar and managing director for German solar equipment manufacturer Roth & Rau Australia
    before becoming director of Australian Photovoltaic Institute. She joined German solar tracker maker Ideematic as lead of the Australian subsidiary in 2021.

  • 3rd speaker: Johan LINDAHL - Extrication of grid capacity by an aerial imagery approach
    Johan Lindahl has extensive experience of market and regulatory topics concerning the PV market. Partly from the work as Swedish representative in the international organization IEA PVPS the last 12 years, but also from the current role as Secretary General of the European Solar Manufacturing Council (ESMC) and the previous role as the Swedish PV industry associations spokesperson. Johan holds a Ph.D in thin film solar cells of the type CIGS from Uppsala University, Sweden, but the recent research topics includes market, policy and economical studies of the PV market in Sweden and globally, along with remote sensing of solar energy systems in aerial images an PV generation simulations.

  • 4th speaker: Melodie DE L’EPINE - Levers for increasing grid penetration in France whilst anticipating changes in cost sharing for grid operations
    Mélodie de l'Épine is a specialist in the framework and context of photovoltaics in France for over 20 years. She led the National Grid Connected PV Resource Centre, whose main areas of work are removing obstacles, providing clear and accessible information, and supporting the players and professionals in the sector in France. Co-president of Energie Partagée, she continues to work for a citizen appropriation of the energy transition. Today as Head of Research and Innovation at the Becquerel Institute she uses her knowledge of photovoltaics, supports mechanisms, market analysis and advocacy within European programmes and consultancy missions at national, European and international levels. She provides analysis and reports for the French Task 1 representative in the PV programme of the International Energy Agency (IEA PVPS).

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