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Thursday, 21 September 2023 | 17:00-18:00

Data, AI, IoT: Opportunities and Challenges for PV Innovation


The Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda on photovoltaics (SRIA PV) helps to identify future R&I priorities and to guide policymakers on the ways to support the development of solar energy in Europe.

The session will be the opportunity to discuss the roadmaps related to the digitalization of the PV sector for manufacturing products and contributing to a reliable power grid.

Detailed Programme

After a short introduction, the audience will be able to contribute by giving feedbacks on the actual KPIs in three rotating table discussions on:

- Digitalisation of PV manufacturing (Challenge 1, Roadmap 6)

- Digitalisation of PV systems (Challenge 1, Roadmap 7)

- Smart Energy Integration of PV : Aggregated energy and VPPs (Challenge 4, Roadmap 4) & Interoperability in communication and operation of RES smart grids (Challenge 4, Roadmap 5).

Who will organize this workshop?

The event will be moderated by Pierre-Jean Alet, Group leader of the Digital Energy solutions at CSEM Switzerland and leader of the ETIP PV Digital PV working group.

For more information, visit ETIP PV website: Data, AI, IoT: Opportunities and Challenges for PV Innovation (EU PVSEC 2023) - Working Group workshops - ETIP PV (

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