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TOPIC 2: Thin Films and New Concepts

This Topic is subdivided amongst the different photovoltaic materials in use today or in the conceptual or demonstration phase that are not based on silicon.  An exception are tandem structures combining other materials with silicon which are grouped together in subtopics 2.1 (perovskite-based tandems) and subtopic 2.3 (which includes other tandems not employing perovskites). The Topic comprises theoretical studies, innovations in processing and manufacturing technologies and upscaling, measurement and characterisation. If the paper describes the encapsulation on a module level, it is better to be presented under subtopic 3.1. For materials which don’t fall under any of those listed in subtopics 2.1 to 2.3 you should consider subtopics 2.4 and 2.5, which present the ongoing high-end research with contributions to the understanding of photovoltaic conversion, including new materials and cross-fertilisation with other fields of optoelectronics.

TOPIC 4: PV Systems Engineering, Integrated/Applied PV

This Topic in general addresses single PV plants, where plant size may range from a few modules up to multi-MW. Consequently, this is the place for contributions on systems design, sizing, modelling, performance and operations.

This topic also deals with particular integration of PV, e.g., PV integrated into buildings (BIPV), Infrastructure Integrated PV (I2PV), Vehicle Integrated PV (VIPV), nature-inclusive PV (‘Eco-PV’), and Agri-PV, as well as with floating PV, concentrating PV and PV for space applications. Advances in power electronics for advanced grid functionality are also covered (note that technical developments of power converters at system component level are dealt with in Topic 3.4). The subtopic on solar resources and forecasting is relevant to individual systems, but it covers scales ranging from the local to large geographical areas. The employment of batteries in stand-alone systems or for local use may form part of systems reported in this topic, but storage related to the wider energy system is dealt with in subtopic 5.1.

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